Who We Are

Devitt & Forand has been around the block a few times – in fact, we’ve constructed many of them. Even though we’re an established company, we’re open to fresh, groundbreaking ideas – something we’ve thrived on for over 50 years. We bring a wealth of experience working as a general contractor or management company on projects that are delivered on time and on budget. And even though no two projects are ever the same, one important factor is constant – our people. Our team players are committed to exceeding client expectations on every job.


When clients work with us they notice a difference. They expect more. They expect to get what they want, and then some. They expect more innovation, more customer focus, more kept promises, more satisfaction. And we deliver. Every. Single. Time.

Where We Operate

5646 Burbank Cres. SE,
Calgary, AB T2H 1Z6

Phone: 403.255.8565

Fax: 403.255.8501

Devitt & Forand manages construction projects throughout Alberta and the Interior of British Columbia.

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